Monday, June 7, 2010


Man I had a blast at Second Pride 2010. Everyone was awesome and what a huge team effort on the staff and the party goers. Second Pride was like that great awesome comic book company wide crossover event that brings every title into one storyline. I thinking like Crisis in DC Comics or Secret Invasion of Marvel comics. Then when the dust settles all the titles go back to their regular routines.

As I said this year's Pride meant a lot to me. I got to put in input and share visions that are in my head and watch all have a great time. I am sad that it is all over now, but there is always next year. It was so much work, so I think next year I am just gonna DJ. LOL OK you all know me too well to not get my feet wet in stuff hehe. We will see what role I take next year.

Well, since Pride is over it is time for me to get back to my usually weekly schedule of DJing and hard beats. So let's rock the summer and rest of the year like we all know how. Love you all and let's PARTY!!!!