Friday, June 18, 2010


I had an awesome mid day special performance at Gay World. Recently the sim went through a restructure and rebuild. Everything looks fantastic. The sim is in two parts that I know of so far. There is country land and farm like area where some shops are and a club venue called The Barn, which is where I DJed today at 12pm SLT. The party was amazing and with the music, sexy peeps, and hot sploder action Claudius of LitchWerk gave us a dazzling light and fog show that went with the music I played and timely atmosphere.

The other area which is much bigger is the urban sprawl where most of the bigger shops and a club called The Globe, which is where the party moved to after my set. I got to witness AlyssaLillian DJ for the first time. Well first time I heard her anyways. She was amazing and she can only get better. The Globe is a fantastic build and like how I was with AquA years ago, they are gonna keep fixing it up cause they view it as a work in progress. I think it is progressing very well.

I have some pics here of The Barn and my set there. I will take more photos of the other areas, buildings and clubs when I go back for some fly overs and walk abouts. Two sets down today so far and one to go. Time to get Oinkie at Ironworks later tonight.

Congrats and Hugs to The Gay World Team!!