Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Every Tuesday at 10am SL Time you can find me on the Secret Receiver sim, owned by Infamous and Jacky. Why the sim and not a club name? Well they have many different kinds of venues on the sim, which I can choose from to play at each week during my Tuesday sets there.

This week for my premier set I played in Discotheque The Mighty. It is an awesome dance area in an Egyptian temple/pyramid like build.  The crowd was a comfy one, which I expected for the time period on SL, but it was lively with good sexy bodies, great conversation, and all around awesome fun. I played a selection of new and old dance tunes and remixes that kept the crowd pumped and feeling good. I also have a new buddy today named Boris Twist, who came to a few of my sets at various clubs and always have a good time. All inall today was a great day and party and I am pleased to have this set added to my already nice list of cool places to play weekly.

Next week, or the one after due to Second Pride, I think I will play in the Beach Party Area called Famous Beach. As I said, this sim has many cool venues and attractions. THALIA, a Mayan temple was just finished and I so wanna rock that area out. The sim holds some cool stores, parks, bazaars, a 70's disco, and a 60's diner as well. One last place I would love to play on the sim is this spaceship looking club...Ok mostly cause it is blue and I have an obessions with that color LOL!

Well if you are ever on SL at 10am SLT on a Tuesday, be sure to come check me out on the Secret Receiver. I guarantee each week the setting will be different at least. HUGZ!!!