Sunday, July 10, 2011


Now despite the fact we crashed the sim within 12 minutes into my set (OMG My shortest set on SL ever LOL) the party was amazing. I really think we brought life back into the Gayborhood. The artwork and DJs were just awesome. And the sexy party peeps made it all that much better. It was a great time all around. Kharissa, Dru, and the Gayborhood and DJ World peeps did a great job on the event. So cool what can happen at short notice hmmm.

From DJs Ralphy, Adonis, Galileo, Queen, to Dextrum the place was hopping. Now I was supposed to be between Queen and Dextrum but the sim went down and did not come back up until about time for Dextrum's set. It's cool since I will do Monday Night Delight there like usual on Monday Night. It was fun hanging out on the Havana Docks sim next door watching the ocean abyss that was gayborhood, waiting for it to come back online lol.

Enjoy the pics. it was a blast. Long Live the Gayborhood!