Thursday, May 26, 2011


Woke up Thursday Morning to get dressed and ready for some appointments in RL. I had time to have a little breakfast before catching the subway, so I decided to pop onto SL and go to pride to check on DJ Willilicious and the party people. Man that guy is hard working hehe. He has been playing since 11pm SLT last night til 7am SLT this morning. Hey, it beats just the radio hehe.

DJ Eliza popped on ready to go for her set and it was great. Shame though I had to leave for RL. I wanted to hear Pope's said as well, but I got a cool skittles rainbow shirt from her so that made my morning. She has a free gift giver for those of you that venture out of bed to party it up at Pride.

Enjoy the pic and Party hard all. It's Pride and it is all for you :)