Sunday, May 22, 2011


The SP Festival begins today!  We're cranking out the Festival Events Guides as quickly as possible --so grab yours here and look forward to 7 days of festival and the LGBT community coming together in PRIDE.

The Festival goes from Sunday May 22nd - Sunday May 29th. Lots of events and areas to see and witness. Awesome DJs, Singers, Concerts and speeches. For a full countdown of all that is happening check out both Eddie Haskell's Blog or go to Second Pride Website.

This URL is a website database chart schedule of the events on the Pride Sim:

Also remember there are activities and attractions to he seen on the San Francisco sims ( as well as some Gorean activities too. Also on the pride sim some clubs will have their usual weekly parties at the Pride sim instead of their usual club areas on SL.

I have a set tonight at Pride at 11pm SLT. Hope you all come by for that. I plan a Pride set like no other for this year with all new and old pride theme like songs :)

This week is gonna Rock!!