Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey DJs, Party Goers, Special Performers and Club Sponsors

Thanks for showcasing your talents at Second Pride 2011. It was a blast to have you all on board and to give the people some great tunes and rocking vibes. I hope that you all come back to play at next year's Second Pride, and beyond.

Special thanks to Willilicious, Nanaki, Ty, and Hotboy for catching the slack of supervising and sending Notices when I could not be on SL due to RL Daytime stuff or much needed night time sleep. Make sure to check out my fellow bloggers for pics and recaps in case you missed it...EEK!!

I have heard some amazing things about this year's Second Pride, which is a good thing. I know a lot of it was thrown together in the last moment, but in the end we had fun and expressed our pride in all certain ways. So, I guess in that case I think it was a success. I enjoyed working putting together some of SL's best Talent. I actually can't wait to do this again next year (after a nice long break before hand of course LOL).

Happy RL Pride to all of you this summer.
InsyX Piranha