Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yup you heard right. TBone Island and Club is closing down in SL. Tom06 Castro just can't afford the sim prices and stuff he pays to LL. We had a great party Tuesday Night. This was the last party there and final Tuesday Late Night jam. It was a blast and everyone looked amazing in their sexy swimwear. I even busted out the bikini again lol. There were a good amount of winners. I just love when there is more than one winner or split prize contests.

As My last song I played "I Remember" by Deadmau5 and Kaskade right after a short speech to wish Tom well in his new endeavors over at Gay Nations. I will not be moving over there tho as I have too  much to do in RL and SL to start a 3rd life LOL. Tom was also gonna look for small land in the GA for just a club to continue in SL, but he is starting a new job in RL, so that is quite ok that he can't continue TBone in SL. In this day and age you gotta go witht hat RL job cause trust me they are scarce.

Anyway.s enjoy the pics and farewell to TBone. I had so much fun there and I know many had too. it will be missed. Hugs!

Bonus: For more great pics of this event go check out Eddi's blog as well :)