Sunday, August 14, 2011


Teahouse of the August Moon
August 20, 2011
11AM - 5PM
Cabria Outpost

You are cordially invited to the 3rd Annual Teahouse of the August Moon, to be held August 20 from 11AM - 5PM! The floor show, featuring a cast of 21 performers, will be held from 1PM-3PM. Here is the line-up for the day:


Floating World Dance (DJ MJshotboy Skytower)

Attention Samurai and Geisha! Join us for our opening dance, held outside the wondrous Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Our starting DJ is MJshotboy Skytower, once a freshly plucked cherry blossom! Joining Hotboy-chan is the butch samurai OhioMike, who uses his hands for karate moves --and much much more. See you here!

Contest: "Turning Japanese". The 3 best costumes for samurai or geisha will split 7,000L in prize money!


Golden Pavilion Dance (DJ Rylan Sirnah)

Lucky coins shower down on the crowd at the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, where the party continues with DJ Rylan Sirnah. Rylan's host is Dragon Lady Kharissa, and together they will rock the house right up until a 10,000L 'sploder just before the sounding of the 1PM gong. Not to be missed!


The Teahouse of the August Moon (DJ and Emcee Wesley Spengler, the Pride Players)

Borrowing from themes that range from Madame Butterfly to the Mikado and Miss Saigon, our SL Teahouse event offers music, comedy, and romance; of East meeting West, of star-crossed lovers. The spectators assemble on the fabulous viewing decks, across from the Floating World, where Butterfly and her entourage meet Colonel Pinkerton, a U.S. naval officer. Like a butterfly unfolding its wings, from here, the story unfolds...

Wesley Spengler is both the excellent narrator and broadcaster for this event. The Pride Players are a Second Life troupe that have performed a number of musicals over the past few years. They welcome you to the Teahouse of the August Moon show!


The Teahouse Dance (DJ InsyX Piranha)

After the show, please make your way to the Teahouse itself, a specially designed dance pavilion on the far side of the Floating World. Here we have DJ InsyX Piranha, also known as Piranha Sushi-san, playing the best music this side of Mt. Fuji. Joining him in the teahouse is his lovely concubine Phil-chan, a geisha who specializes in pleasing men!

Contest: "Best in Japanese". The 3 best costumes for samurai or geisha will split 7,000L in prize money!


Sayonara Dance (DJ Sasch Petrov)

We bid good-bye to the Teahouse of the August Moon with our final DJ, Sasch Petrov. Sasch-san spins his records with a special set of chopsticks, but let's not go there... Our sayonara host is Tek Karfield, also known as Tekkie-bah to the Tokyo police. LOL

We close the teahouse with a magnificent fireworks display, courtesy of the Cabria folks, and a 10,000L 'sploder. Sayonara to all!