Tuesday, August 2, 2011


OK this is gonna be one strange rant. My rant is about the new Christian Bale Batman movie being filmed as we speak. It is the 3rd chapter in the series. It will be called The Dark Knight Rises. Wow I Love Bale's Batman...always had and always will. My reason for not liking this flick as it stands now is plain and simple: BANE!

Bane is an awesome bad guy / anti-hero and Mercenary in the Comics and various animated adaptations. He was always one of my faves because he was a hot muscle chub bear with a bad ass attitude. Yeah yeah I have a one track mind LOL. He looked like this in most adaptations...

Now he was in a Batman movie. That horrible George Clooney Batman and Robin Movie. Now the movie sucked balls but it was entertaining and Bane looked hot. Played by the late Jeep Swanson (a hot big muscle-bear  wrestler). He looked like this.....

Now in this new movie coming out. He looks all anorexic LOL. WTF were they thinking. There is so many people that could have played this role. Like Vader from WWE Wrestling, and so many others out there that have the bulk and girth. Hell they could have put a muscle suit on the dude...but no he looks like wind will blow the fucker over. This is freakin horrible. Just as bad as casting that idiot to play Volstagg in the Thor movie. This Tom Hardy dude looks like he came out of fucking 90210 and fucking Glee! Really? does he look like he can break someone's fucking back?

Batman grabs Bane and says "Get out of my face you Little Bitch!"

Anyways, i will still see the new Batman movie when it is done but I will be very disappointed due to the fact that I have to watch a twink Bane actually give Batman a run for his money. In the comics this is the guy that broke Batman's back and put him on the shelf for a few months....This actor could not break wind for as i care LOL.