Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yeah that sexy DJ Adonis DJed for the AquA Lounge section of the Famous 5 today. He was on fire!! The sim was full...and rightly so. There were 5 awesome clubs in the same area with DJs spinning all at the same time. The crowd went between each DJ...Club Hopping in one building. It was a fantastic idea born from Oiswiss Decuir of Gay Fun World. Adonis told me he stayed way passed the 5pm ending time...He actually DJed 2pm - 8pm...Now that is dedication lol.

The Clubs that were also in it were Xtasy, Bull Ring, Bunker, and Arsenal. The DJs that played were Regi / Thorn, Hotboy, GMJorge, and of course Adonis. It was a great special event. I have pics of the AquA Lounge section and stuff. There were 78 people on the sim at the event so it was hard to spin around and cam to take pictures all over. It was really something to walk a few meters and hear a different DJ then move on to the next one all day lol....It's cool was amazing hooo!!