Friday, June 17, 2011


Back in the days when I was a young lad growing up in Riverdale section of the Bronx, I use to throw on my roller skates and head to Skate Key. It was nationally renown for the biggest and coolest roller-disco joint in the nation. The concerts of Earth, Wind and Fire to The Gap Band  would have scheduled concerts there. Also, just like CGBG's did for rock in the city, Skate Key would have mainstream musical acts coming in to do on the fly concerts. No one actually stood still and watched them play, you actually skated as they jammed out songs from their albums but also made it longer jam session versions of the studio tracks.

Lately I been thinking back on my life back then and my love of music and skating. I been playing remixed versions of older funk and disco tunes in my usual sets. They been going over quite well. I always play dance/house remixes, mash ups and remakes of songs from different genres turned into dance tracks (like Rock to dance or even country to dance). It has always been part of my usual way of DJing.

I am just happy to be able to find some good old school disco and funk tunes to add to my usual sets. Some I keep the original since they already fall in the 126 - 131 beats per minute routine. Lately a lot of remixers and produces have been bringing back old tunes in new remixes and remakes. These have been totally off the charts, and I am happy to play them. This is where a lot of the music you all hear me play and on the radio have come from. It is like paying homage to where it all started.

Maybe you all can strap on the roller blades (as the new roller skates) and start a mini roller disco somewhere. LOL! Remember Disco has never has just evolved like everything else. However, never forget where house, techno, trance and dance have came from. it from there we get the things we love today.

Enjoy Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" since it is the ultimate roller boogie tune ever :)