Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last year Jago Constantine did a Top 10 list of DJs in the LGBT Community, which was voted on by the DJs themselves. I was honored to be number 1 on that list. This Year I am Number 1 again and I am truly honored to be on the list even if I was not Number 1. There is a great list of talent in the TOP 10 as well as in the runner ups. You can view that post and list here ----->>

I kinda do like the whole idea of polling the DJs and getting each one's top 3 picks. It does make for some close voting as you see in some ties on the list. I think he did a good job and I am not saying this just because I came in first place. I am saying that because to be honored by peers in any profession is a blessing in disguise. Remember we all started to DJ because we heard someone doing it in RL or SL and felt inspired. I know I was inspired to do so. I done it a few times at some parties and in college in RL....Lately I been DJing at some cool Irish Pubs, Sports Bars and College Bars off and on in RL now because of all this.

Some may say why not open up voting to the party goers? Well my view on that is don't do it. Jago's poll is not a competition...More like a who other DJs like as a DJ. With that said runner ups all the way to first place should be blessed in just knowing you inspired someone or continue to achieve good standing within your peer base. Even those probably not on the list may just have been due to the simple fact that your peers have not heard you yet. Last year Hotboy was not on the list....He is this year because he had time to resonate among his peers for example. Also, the party goers have many likes for certain DJs as a whole while some have not had a chance to hear them all. It would not be a true contest because of those reasons. You would really have to get the 1000s and 1000s or avatars that make up the LGBt and put them all in a few sims and have a 250 hour DJ battle LOL. Yeah that sounds dumb and insane to me too.

Now if we were all famous like RL celebs then maybe a people's choice award would be satisfactory, but SL has a long way to go. I mean I look at the awards they have over at the official overall SL site and not one LGBT person is mentioned. Best DJ wound up being someone I have never ever heard of in my life and I bet many if not all of you has either LOL. That right there is my point.

Well all in all It is a great poll and I notice some DJs I have not had the pleasure of listening to. Now I have info on where to go hear them and party so That in itself is the best thing to come from this poll. Congrats to Jago for doing this and Congrats to all my or lose we all rock...and this is evidenced by the hot sexy parties we spin at :)

Keep the music going and Hugs!!