Sunday, June 5, 2011


To you all,

I have to say that even though I always knew and felt the love from my SL friends and family....These past weeks it is cemented into my heart and soul. I was gonna close the AquA Lounge and stuff due to some RL financial chaos, which also affects my SL finances. However, after writing my intentions in a note to Sascha Laval, he in turned got together with Flad Dagostino and Sasch Petrov to come up with ways of keeping the club open, my land functional, and not have to stress in RL about SL so I can focus on RL problems more.

Now add Kharissa, Kaj, Jordan, Karl, Jak, Gracie and so so many many names that are just too many to mention here, and wow my happy tears went into overdrive. Well you all know there is donation boxes around some sims. Some clubs even had fundraising parties already like Gay Fun World and Frixion. The support has been phenomenal. I really feel I am gonna be OK in RL and SL due to all of you. For the first time this year, though I still have financial issues in RL I need to solve, I feel like a warrior who's spirit has came back to him. I feel I can tackle anything. You know why? Love...and I thank you all for re-introducing that to my heart and soul again.

The first part I have already drafted up to my blog. This was before the party and huge fundraiser. When me and MountainBear started AquA Lounge 4.5 years ago we made it a point to not be just a gay club. We started it with the idea of the friends we have and the prospect of me Djing for the first time. After that we held our dream true: that it was not just a gay club owned by people that happened to be gay. It was opened to everyone no matter what you sexuality, gender, avatar prefences (human, furry, alien , whatever) as long as you was COOL, HAD FUN AND GOT ALONG!! That was our slogan, and still is.

These days we kinda made changes to it because we have learned, and it is definitely true with all the support I felt today and last few weeks, that AquA Lounge is not the walls, dome, land or whatever....You all are the AquA Lounge. Every party goer, shop renter, home owner, staff, and friendly club that we partner with are all AquA Lounge. Really I could have the club in a cardboard box and it would still be cool because of you all.

Well the cardboard box will not have to happen because I can now afford a lot of leeway with our Tier payments, and worry more about catching up, because of all your donations, love and support. Every L goes to land fees. My regular Djing, store stuff and rentals will still go to paying staff and contest prizes. At the same time I can now also pay for the land gradually as we go because we have future funds.

What matters most of why this came about is definitely secure....I can now focus on my RL issues and be less stressed and worry about how that affects my SL issues. I can be strong of spirit and mind and give my whole warrior ways to making my RL finances better for me and my hubby...and still have SL as a safe haven to calm down from the RL chaos. That and the smiles I saw on each of your virtual faces as we partied to some hot music and fun is what really got me fired up. I feel these hard times in RL will pass quickly. I so thank you all for that feeling as it will keep me going for some time til forever.

Thank you so much to all the Djs that played, the clubs that helped out and supported me thru-out the years, and thank you to all the party people / AquA-Buds / staff / renters / and family for the support. I heard you all did this for what I have done for the community in SL. I can understand that, but remember I done what I done because it was common sense to me. I was not looking for a return on the love and giving. The fact that there is one shocked me mostly due to the fact it was a great present I never saw coming.

If you ever need any help in any thing then do not hesitate to call on me and The AquA Lounge. We will be there in a heartbeat if we can. If not we will be there in spirit and media for sure.

Once again, thank you so much and I love you all dearly.

InsyX Piranha

AquA Lounge Owner