Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So today was strange. I was busy and hectic in SL and my RL was nice and comfy hehe. Nah I am not complaining. It could be worst when both are hectic. One or the other is fine with me anytime. Tuesdays are normally one set I do, which is at TBone Island for Leather, Latex, and Levis Madness at 10pm SLT (this set will be done like usual). However, this week was two extra sets on Tuesday the 21st.

First up was a good party over at the Second Life 8 Year Birthday Bash at 2pm SLT. I was at this very huge and funky looking stage/dance floor. The party started off slow, but by 40 minutes into it 20 or so people TPed in or flew to party down to my tunes. I really enjoyed playing for the 20 - 25 people that were there. Only 5 or so were   of the usual crowd that have heard me play. This meant that 80 percent of the people that were there never heard me play before. I love wooing new peeps, so this was an awesome time for me. Enjoy these pictures of the event...and then we will move on to the Summerfest stuff...

If only getting to different job sites in RL was as easy as a teleport LOL. At, 4pm SLT when I was done at the SL Bday Jam, I had to TP and start another 2 hours of DJing at the Tiamat Theater on the Pride sim. The place was already packed thanks to Thorn's hot DJing for his part of the opening celebrations of Summerfest 2011 (good thing he had my back as I was still setting up from my last set). I took over and the crowd was intense. Lots of sexy people in all sorts of fetish wear. Kip of Blue Balls (one of the sponsors along with Zim's Agape Male Shapes) set up a Random Gift Giver. Now it was all about sexy times and sexy people and a chance to win sexy products (or those that are for sex hehe).

I really had a blast and I even won a gift certificate for Blue Balls...Look out MountainBear LOL. Anyways, enjoy these pics of this event as well. Hugs and rock on!!