Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sorry for not posting in a few days. I been hard at work building the new AquA Lounge Club, which will now sit on the AquA Lounge Funplex and Resort part of the sim of Friendship. The old club and that part of the sim is being torn down this weekend. This is all part of consolidating the amount of land to streamline witht he cool budget we have from all the donations.

This means thanks to you all we now have 7 months of tier all paid up and we are still here to stay. This also gives me leeway to add to the tier box as I keep going, so we will never be behind again (knocks on wood of course LOL).

Enjoy the various preview pics :) Parties start  in the new build on Monday June 13th with Monday Muse with DJ Adonis at 4pm SLT.