Monday, June 27, 2011


DJ InsyX in Real Life at NYC Pride 2011

My Real Life Bear Danny ( In the Orange Shirt)

I know I was missing from Seconf Life on Sunday the 26th of June, but I had good reasons. I was away in Real Life hanging out with my bear Danny and buds watching the Gay Pride Parade in New York City. I do love this time of year and love the fun and excitement that is in the air from the LGBT Community. I took some good pictures and wish I could have found a better spot. We usually do 5th Avenue and 26th Street but we got downtown later than we wanted to be. So we figured we rock out down in the West Village, which is one of the gay meccas in NYC.

The route was shorter than usual this year. Usually it goes from 52nd and Fifth Ave. to the end of Christopher Street. This year it started at 36th Street and 5th Avenue. Normally I would have cried fowl, but I realized it was due to budget cuts in the police force and other issues. It did however got the masses much more grouped together and that made the excitement (and perv camming) quite intense.

All in all we had a great time and even got them to check out Boxers, which is a gay bear sports bar. Danny is not into sports and the others love it like me, but everyone had a great time because it was a cool thing to see huge TVs that broadcast every sports channel from the ESPNs to the Fox Sports World channels, and have fuse ball, pool, ping pong and other activities that is known in the "straight world" yet still be a hoppin gay bar. It is my favorite hangout in the gay scene besides The Eagle Leather Bar. I did not get to take pictures in Boxers or at the Pier dance due to my phone dying. Man I took so much from the parade and fair that I went through a lot of my battery of my Droid2. Taking pictures in SL is so much easier than RL in that aspect LOL.

Enjoy the pictures of Pride here in my city and hope you all had or will have a great Pride in your neck of the world. Hoooo!!


  1. Thank you my friend for this story and photos on Gay Pride Parade in NY. It had to be a great day for you. For me this makes your AVI all the more real to me. You come through as a warm and caring man. That shows in SL and now I love you as a fried all the more. Hugs man and take care. Give your bear Danny a hug for me. smile

  2. Aww thx for the kind words. Pride was a blast yesterday. We had a good time and I wanted to show that so much for all u sexy peeps :)

    Danny has been Hugged! hehe

  3. That looks like some party! And you two will be married soon! I am so happy for you two! What a great celebration for a great city and a great couple! Take care, and all the best to Danny!